Summer is coming and vacation time is here. When you take time off from your routine life, it’s easy to let your good intentions slip because “you’re on vacation.” But moderation kills momentum.

So, how can you go on vacation and still keep up with your momentum? Remember that a vacation is still a vacation while eating healthy.

In fact, your vacation will be more pleasant and enjoyable when you stick to your healthy way of eating. Many people end up feeling swollen and bloated (and sometimes constipated) while on vacation or traveling because of the foods that they choose to eat. You can avoid this by sticking to your healthy eating.

Tip: Planning is the key to success. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Consider the following, and make a plan.

Where will you eat?
Tip: If you have a kitchen, plan to get groceries while you are there. If you’re in a condo or cabin, you can ensure good nutrition and limit calories by cooking the majority of your meals. If you are staying in a hotel with just a refrigerator, make sure you know what your options are. You can always pack fruit, cereal, yogurt and veggies for a quick snack or meal.

Tip: Do an internet search for restaurants that have healthy options near where you plan to stay. If your travel partners choose a meaty meal, ask if you can plan to go to a restaurant that has good vegan/vegetarian options.

Tip: It can be difficult if you are going with friends (or family) who don’t eat the way you do. Remember that advocating for yourself and your needs is not selfish.

Tip: Feel free to ask at restaurants for what you need — often the chef is willing to accommodate reasonable requests.

Tip: Choose snacks that don’t have added sugar or salt in them. Most gas stations have fruit and vegetable options in their deli sections.

Tip: Stick to water as a beverage. Carry a refillable bottle to avoid temptation to buy sweetened drinks.

Get moving!

Even while you are on vacation, you can find ways to get in a workout (or more than one — even better).

Tip: Find things to do that get you up and moving — walking tours, swimming, hiking, biking, etc. Depending on where you are headed, there can be lots of options for moving during your time.

Tip: Many large hotels nowadays have exercise rooms with weights and aerobic machines. Take along your running shoes and workout clothes and take advantage of them.

Tip: You can also do some of my hotel workouts. Download my free Visibly Fit App, available on IOS and Android, to have those workouts in your pocket the whole time.


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