In the middle of the Sagrada Familia station of the Barcelona metro, Spain, a councilor from the Catalan municipality of Badalona, Jose Téllez, was the victim of a theft . The official was charging his cell phone in one of the energy devices of the subway, when a thief snatched the device.

Tellez, who was “tired and half-asleep”, as he explained to local media, ran after the person involved at the moment when a person interrupted his sleep to warn him that someone had taken his mobile phone.

The councilman managed to reach the man and, after talking with him, he understood how “hard” it is to “try to survive in this country,” as he published it in a Twitter message. The thief was desperate to get some money, because “he could not find work and his wife was pregnant,” he told Téllez.

“I managed to intercept him and explained that the mobile phone was very important for me, for the contacts and information, and that, surely, I could give him more money than the mobile phone is worth.” For this reason, he told the Pickpocket who went to a cashier together, gave him 40 euros and then invited him to breakfast at a bakery in the area.

After the attempted theft, Téllez and the other man, who, according to the councilman, was very embarrassed, ended up sharing a moment to talk about the situation in the country.

“They tried to steal me at #metroBCN and I ended up having breakfast with my” pickpocket. ” It was a very nice experience and I think we both ended up winning something, how hard it is to try to survive in this country, how hard,” he said. Téllez on his Twitter account, who has been characterized as an activist since his adolescence.


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