Two dogs’ dispute quickly yanked everyone’s attention in their direction, and a very unlikely someone came to step in. It started out as a seemingly small quarrel. One dog yipping at another, the other one barking back, there was nothing unusual about that until moments later they went in an all-out dog fight. Propped up on their back legs, they were in serious fight mode, but to their benefit, a peacemaker was on his way. As hilarious as it may seem, even dogs can break up a dog fight, and perhaps even quicker than humans can.

The fluffy white dog had clear intentions when he dashed around the corner to see what was going on. He hurled himself on the couch where the fight held its match, and with very demanding barks, he spoke his mind. He placed himself in the middle of the two with no reluctance, and ended the fight like a truly responsible dog.

The two fighting dogs listened carefully, obeying the commands to break up the fight. They must have felt scolded, because looking at each other, and back up at the responsible dog, their entire attitudes changed. Making peace, they all moved on with their day.


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