A six-meter python and a smaller male have been surprised by some hunters in Malaysia while mating inside the trunk of a tree and have not had a good ending. The hunters have killed the reptiles and fed their flesh to all their people , north of the island of Borneo. This, accompanied with rice, is one of the favorite dishes of the community.

The men were hunting last Saturday when they heard strange noises coming from inside the trunk, according to some British tabloids. With a chainsaw, they cut the bark and discovered the snakes inside.

In a video, you see how the men make a rectangle in the bark of the tree and through that hole they start to take out the animals. First they remove them with a stick and then with their hands. The men pull the snake of six meters and little by little manage to remove it completely.

The hunters killed the reptiles with gunshots and, to move the larger one to the car, four of the men had to carry it on their backs, because the weight and extension of the snake made it difficult for them to move. Reticulated pythons, a species that lives in Southeast Asia, are the largest snakes in the world. The six-meter one found in Bintulu is just one meter smaller than the largest one found in Malaysia.

When they arrived in the village, the community received them with applause. Typically, in the region of Sarawak, north of the island of Borneo, the pythons are cooked on the coals and then fried; the dish is accompanied with vegetables and rice. The amount of meat of the two reptiles reached for all the people – and still left over, according to the Daily Mail newspaper . Tinsung Ujang, 60, was the hunter who found both animals and told the tabloid that the feast will last several days.


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