On the 50th birthday of King Felipe VI we could observe, in one of the videos donated by the Casa del Rey, that Princess Leonor is left-handed. We saw him while he ate the soup. Something unexpected, since always, until that moment, the future queen had greeted with the right. Why are we left-handers and what problems can it cause in a right-handed world?

There has always been some interest on the part of the scientific community to try to determine the origin of being left-handed. And the latest data available indicate that its origin is not in the brain, but in the spinal cord, according to an investigation with experts from the Netherlands and South Africa published in 2017. “It seems that asymmetric activity occurs from the uterus”, explain the authors. “And that these results change our understanding of the asymmetric difference that exists in both hemispheres and their relationship with being right-handed or left-handed.” The results, published in the eLife journal, also concluded that this differentiation occurs at eight weeks of pregnancy, In the uterus, the samples used in the research were resonances taken since 1980. “Since the 13th week of pregnancy, the fetuses already prefer to suck their right or left thumb,” they added.

It is estimated that 10% of the world population is left-handed and that it has a higher prevalence in men (23% more) than in women, it can lead to a series of solvable difficulties in a world prepared 100% for right-handed people . According to experts, the first signs that your child is left-handed usually appear at three months, just when they begin to suck their thumbs or begin to take food with their hands. Only 3% of the population uses both hands. We can start working with them from that moment.


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