We call childhood enuresis when toilet training is not achieved voluntarily beyond 6-7 years, although it should not be worrisome until after 10 years. However, the use of the diaper after 3 years or that we have to change the child because he often escapes peeing, not only is a nuisance for many families, but can be lived shamefully and create a real emotional problem.

A few days ago Jesus Martinez of El hij @ doctor published a story that ended with a funny anecdote of two Atlético fans. The anecdote speaks of a “meón of 27 years” that finally going to the psychologist solves his problem. Maybe we do not have to wait so long to consult and maybe we should insist more on what to do and what not to do so that a natural process follows its normal rhythm.

What is enuresis? Is it frequent?

Enuresis is spoken when children, from 6 years of age, suffer frequent or daily nighttime losses. They suffer at least 13% of children at that age, and at 10 years still 8% still not controlled. It is more common in boys than girls. eye! Up to 2% of adults suffer nocturnal losses at least once a month for much of their lives.

What should we know about sphincter control?

That it is a maturing process that requires time both physiologically and psychologically and if that time is not respected we will end up talking about diurnal and nocturnal enuresis .

Currently, the social demands especially those of the “senior school”, encourage the removal of the diaper before the start of the second cycle of Early Childhood Education. That is, in many children born in the second semester of the year, before 3 years old, is the child prepared for it?

It is usually established that physiological maturation can occur between 18 months and 5 years, although in some cases the night control may be longer. So most children who are required to control before age 3 may not be physiologically prepared, although there may be a psychological predisposition that tells us we can start the process. A process that inevitably involves learning and depending on how it is considered, we will obtain more or less success.


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