Alexander Delgado escaped on January 10, 2017 from a prison in Peru. He woke his twin brother, who was visiting him; and used his clothes and identity document to leave.

A prisoner who drugged his twin brother to escape from a maximum security prison in Peru a year ago was recaptured by police, an official said Wednesday.

“We have managed to capture in a house in Callao the prisoner who fled a year ago posing as his twin brother ,” the commander of the Division of Kidnapping, Franco Moreno, told AFP.

He explained that Alexander Delgado, 28, was arrested on Monday after an intelligence operation of several months and follow-up to his relatives and his twin brother.

“We submitted it to an identification process to have a greater identity accuracy and not to make mistakes with his twin brother,” the official said.

Delgado, who had served a sentence of 16 years since 2015 , for crimes of rape and robbery, escaped on January 10, 2017 from the Maximum Security Ancón I prison, north of Lima.

That day he received the visit of his twin brother Giancarlo, who allegedly doped with a soda , and used his clothes and his identity card to leave the prison through the front door.

“We hope now that they put him in a maximum security cell because of the events that have taken place,” Moreno added.

When seeing the agents the fugitive tried to escape and entered a house, but was reduced by the police.

The Ministry of the Interior had offered a reward of 20,000 soles ($ 6,200) for information on their capture.

Delgado was the first inmate to escape the Ancón I prison , opened 12 years earlier.


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