Justin is a seven-year-old boy who does not want to stop attending classes, but does not want to let go of his obligation to take care of his little sister. To make both tasks compatible, the boy, as with other children in the Philippines, goes to school with the one-year-old girl hanging on his left arm and sitting on his knees, while taking careful notes with the other hand. The image of the two at school has gone around the world through social networks, where he has compiled a host of messages of support, who see in Justin an example and a motivation for the kids to continue studying.

One of her teachers was the one who wanted to portray the moment, something everyday in her classroom, and who shared it on the school’s Facebook page in mid-January. Mam Lei, the teacher of the Primary School Salvation of the Philippines, in the area of ​​Magallanes (600 kilometers southeast of Manila) also revealed the demolishing argument of the little boy to carry his sister on his back. “I do not want to be absent, miss,” the boy argued. “I have to bring my sister because my grandmother has to work on the farm and nobody can take care of her,” Justin told his teacher. Lei added in his post that it was “very impressive” the child’s attitude to continue learning every day.


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