Gardening is increasingly becoming a luxury for the younger generation. As more people move to small apartments in the city, having a plot of land to cultivate and play around with isn’t really an option. However, as these Japanese landscapers prove, with a little creativity and imagination anything is possible!

Fresh Garden With Bench To Have A Cup Of Coffee

The annual Kei Truck Garden Contest, held by the Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors, brings gardens to the people. Kei Trucks are tiny flatbed trucks that are commonly used in the construction and landscaping industries in Japan. Every year, landscapers from across the country bring their trusty vehicles together and set to work creating amazing and whimsical little gardens in the cargo hold, to see who can take the title of best mobile landscaper.

Bamboo Water Well

These little slices of mobile natural beauty incorporate many different forms of design, from the tradiotional Japanese garden to more modern elements, using lighting and even water features to create unbelieveably intricate scenes in a tiny, and totally unexpected space.

Refreshing Garden With Cascade Waterfall

Landscape With Coffee Table



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