Nothing is better to show the affection you feel for someone, than that done by yourself, and that’s why we invite you to make handicrafts an infallible ally for February 14, in order to convert the date of love and friendship par excellence, in a full of fun and affection between colleagues, friends and loved ones.

The gifts on Valentine’s Day come and go with greater or lesser success among the elderly, but we still have time to show the little ones that the key to the demonstration of affection is not in consumerism, but in giving away with the heart. But how to make a craft that is fun and fits with this date at the children’s level? Well, do not miss the following ideas!

Fun gifts and ideas for the day of love and friendship

  • The lucky box

It is a game and a very fun way of delivering the gifts prepared to the person you choose, whether they are friends, or parents, etc. Labels are created that will be inserted in a decorated cardboard box as each child prefers, and in which a slot will be included in the lid to be able to enter all the labels. These labels will contain kisses, chats, hugs, smiles … and the person who chooses the gift will be able to try his luck and see what he will receive on February 14th. Why not give affection through kisses and hugs instead of something material?

  • The kissing counter

We can make a row of candies or chocolates, with their respective decoration and cards or phrases to give, but you can also choose because each child takes a sweet from the table every time another partner gives him a kiss or a hug. At the end of the day count how many sweets are left and you will know how much love and affection has been distributed in the class on Valentine’s Day.

  • Bouquet of flowers with chocolate

With cardboard, wires and ribbons, we can build a bouquet of flowers whose center is chocolates. Imagine how fun it can be to go down the street with the sweetest bouquet of flowers in the world … your students or children will love it!

  • Phrases to melt

With ice cream sticks, which we can paint, we can write sentences to give to others on Valentine’s Day. The sticks should be placed in a decorated container or wrapped with wrapping paper. It will be entertaining for the kids to take a stick every day, during the week of love and friendship, and read a beautiful and different phrase each time. Once the sticks are uncovered, they can be used to decorate the class.


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