A man believed by police to be a poacher has been devoured by several lions from a reserve in northeastern South Africa , a police spokesman confirmed. The head and remains of the victim were found Saturday in a private reserve in Hoedspruit, near the famous Kruger National Park , the best and most famous of the more than 400 parks and nature reserves that South Africa has.

“Apparently, he was hunting illegally when he was attacked by a group of lions that devoured him, leaving only his head and some pieces of meat,” said Moatshe Ngoepe, a police spokesman. The agents found a hunting rifle near the man’s remains, Ngoepe said.

In 2017, the remains of several lions were found in different natural reserves of the country. They were decapitated and had mutilated their members, used in traditional medicine.

The main victims of poaching in South Africa are the rhinos, whose horns are highly coveted in Asia. In 2017, poachers killed more than a thousand copies, according to statistics offered by the South African authorities.


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